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Turkey case 2

Turkey Assistance and counselling in the formation of a Joint Venture (JV) and commercial expansion on the Turkish market in the pet-food sector.

The client is an Italian company producing private-label pet-food with a 70% market share in the Italian domestic market. The client exports to a large portion of Europe, and Turkey presented the major new market of the previous three years.

MDA was assigned the role of establishing business strategies and plans for the foundation of a Turkish company partnering with the company's distributor. The plan also entailed a majority stake in the new company held by the Italian client, in order to give the financial assurances a new company needs when entering an expanding market. The Turkish partner also guaranteed operational continuity in the market as well as being responsible for expansion within the country and to nearby markets.

The formulation of the strategies amd company assets drawn by MDA are approved by the partners and give way to the formation of a company in Turkey. MDA also takes on the role of promoting the new company to Unicredit Bank in Turkey for financial assistance requested by the mother company in Italy.