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Turkey case 1

Turkey Assistance in creating a joint ventury with a Turkish partner in the production and commercialisation of buttons for the fashion industry, shoes, leatherworks and stationery.

 A historical Lombard company, Italian leader in the production of metal buttons and rivets, wanted to begin a joint venture with it's Turkish distributor after a 15-year collaboration. The development of the Turkish market and the necessity to make their Italy-produced products competitive lead the client to choosing Turkey and their long-time collaborators for an expansion of production. It's worth noting that the Turkish partner also produces buttons for the fashion industry.

The two companies are a perfect match both for their products and their presence in their respective markets.

MDA consulting is assigned to study both markets and company and production integrations, highlighting commercial, production and financial strategies for the joint venture. Further, MDA also values the two companies in order to establish an exchange of company stock options. The project was presented to both companies which followed through on the formation of a Joint venture following the guidelines set out by MDA, as well as to financial backers which invested 8 million Euros in the project.