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Thailand case 1

Commercial expansion of engineering services company 

Thailand assistance in presenting to Thai Board of Investment (BOI) a request for subsidies and incentives as planned by the Thai government for foreign investment in engineering works.

The client is an Italian company which deals in design prototypes, chiefly in the packaging and automotive sector. After attending a seminar on Thailand and it's business community the company decides to invest in Bangkok, seeing potential for development within Thailand's industrial fabric. The client decides to entrust MDA with building and preparing the documents needed to obtain incentives planned by the Thai government. The file includes a marketing presentation, a 3-5 year business plan which will prove the validity of the project to the Thai BOI and its' positive effects on the local economy, as well as data and references to assure the client's experience and financial security. Shortly after submitting all the documentation to the Thai government, the client obtained the status of 'primary activity' by the Thai government, giving them access to the full range of incentives and benefits planned by the Thai government for foreign investors.