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The experience of the company and its' professionals were formed within the sectors of company finance and international development strategies. Company analysis, management control, organizing financial resources and the restructuring of debt, searching for investment capital, international development strategies, product analysis, HR organization and partner research are all fields in which the company has matured a depth of experience.

New internationalized scenarios have meant that business models have to be reconsidered for all companies, regardless of their size and scope. Growth needs to be 'designed', as it can no longer be a consequence of events; plans need to be made and developed to minimize the influence of outside factors which could slow the process or alter its course. Finance and development need to be treated in the same way as production plans, that is to say based on precise plans drawn up by professionals who consider all parameters.

The characteristic which mainly distinguishes MDA Consulting is the hands on experience which the partners and the founding members have developed in senior management positions of multinationals, which they offer to italian and international companies, with a wide range of previous case studies.
If you are looking to expand your business in developing markets such as Turkey, South East Asia, China, Eastern Europe and others, MDA offers a unique resource in the experience of its professionals who are able to define business plans and strategies to further develop your company.

International Development

International development has become a must for any company that wants to grow and be sustainable in its ambitions of financial and manufacturing development. MDA consulting assists its customers in the international expansion processes, designing growth and international markets development. The experience and references acquired during the years makes MDA Consulting one of the most qualified consulting companies in the market of international development strategies.

Company Management

Monitoring all aspects of company's life has always been a process that allowed the best performing companies to continue to grow even in difficult times. With the markets becoming every day more competitive, checking and analyzing all aspects of the company has become ever more critical to maintain growth.

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