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B2B Mission

Turkey MDA has organised a number of entrepreneurship and B2B missions for a number of companies and associations within Confindustria. In particular, the Confindustria associations of Rome, Vicenza, Veneto, Piacenza, Bologna, Parma, Reggio Emilia Confindustria Club dei 15 and CO Export Lombardia. 

The various associations of Confindustria have tasked MDA with organizing B2B missions on their behalf. The missions include a seminar presenting the macroeconomic and sector aspects of the country, a series of interviews to determine participating companies and the organization of B2B missions with a minimum of five meetings guaranteed per company.

The majority of Italian companies were searching for agents, distributors and importers, but also suppliers, and in a few cases even partners for industrial expansions. There have been six missions for Turkey, five for Thailand and one for Vietnam. In organizing the missions MDA has conducted over twenty seminars and symposiums on internationalization, attended by over 1000 companies in total. Over 250 managers were interviewed and 150 companies participated in the missions abroad.