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Support of Company Management

Company development by accessing risk capital (merchant banks, venture capital), subsidies negotiation, financing projects (loans, mezzanine financing).

Ordinary Finance

- Debt restructuring projects
- Access to capital for company development through funding laws with or without programmed negotiation, program contracts, area contracts etc.
- Interim financing projects, structures by coordinating risk capital and debt, amongst which: participatory loans, financing laws, development loans, consolidation loans.

Extraordinary Finance

- Supporting companies in investing in private and risk financing.
- Support in the evaluation of projects and stock-options in european and extra-european stock markets.
- Assistance, counseling and organization of acquisitions and sales of companies, company branches and stock options.
- Mergers.
- Divisions.
- Leveraged and management buy-out/buy-in.
- Raising of capital and partners for company development.
- Company and stock option restructuring.
- Definition and organization of partnerships.
- Definition and organization of strategic alliances.
- Evaluation, and estimate of companies, branches, brands and stock optionsi